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Baltic Car Equipment manufactures GPS tracking devices suitable for different kinds of vehicles, including heavy trucks, commercial and passenger automobiles, agricultural and construction machinery. Choose from our devices according to the needs of your project and application.

We offer full range of GPS tracking devices starting from basic tracking up to CAN-BUS solution, digital tachograph data download, driver identification, carsharing and many more applications. 

FM-500 Light

FM-500 Light is a device with GPS/GLONASS and GSM connectivity, designed for object tracking. It is able to acquire information on object location, speed, direction, etc. and transfer the data via GSM network.

FM-500 Light+

FM-500 Light+ is a device with GPS/GLONASS and GSM connectivity, designed for object tracking. It is able to acquire information on object location, speed, direction, etc. and transfer the data via GSM network.

FM-500 Blue

FM-500 Blue

FM-500 Blue is a device with GPS/GLONASS and GSM connectivity, designed for object tracking. It is able to acquire information on object location, speed, direction, etc. and transfer the data via GSM network.

FM-500 Blue+

FM-500 Blue+

FM-500 Blue+ is a device with GPS/GLONASS and GSM connectivity, designed for object tracking. It is able to acquire information on object location, speed, direction, etc. and transfer the data via GSM network.

FM-500 Tacho

FM-500 Tacho

FM-500 TACHO is a new generation fleet management device, equipped with a rich pack of interfaces (2 simultaneous CAN-bus interfaces, RS-232, RS-485, 1-Wire, Wiegand-26).



BCE hardware is compatible with most popular software solutions at the market. We also give opportunity for BCE tracking devices integration to your existing software platform via communication protocol.

BCE Fleet Management Software is powerful solution for all kind of tracking. 3 software platforms available for Windows, WEB, iOS and Android operating systems. While choosing BCE software you will be provided end-customer oriented reports; user friendly multilingual software interface; advanced tools for equipment and software configuration; full tracking and reporting functionality for BCE devices. Server-based version allows start monitoring for your vehicles without initial investment.


Wialon is a leading GPS Tracking and Fleet Management solution which allows to deliver a feature-rich and cost effective service to the end-user fleets globally. Today Wialon platform is used by more than 800 solution providers on five continents and enables end-user businesses across different vertical markets to track over 750 000 assets combined. Wialon is well-known for SaaS and server-based versions, a cartographic server and an open API for integration with existing back-office systems. Wialon offers advanced functionality including Eco Driving, driver behavior monitoring and powerful report building tools.


GPS-server Easy to use hosted and server based software solution comes together with vary smartphone applications. Developer friendly and lots of features lets GPS-server be very flexible software for different fleet sizes.

Key Telematics

Key Telematics provides cloud based, asset management software to companies in over 80 countries. The Key platform is white labelled, feature rich with a multilingual user interface.

Navixy Inc.

Navixy Inc. is a developer of software solutions for LBS and M2M service providers. Ever since 2009, the company has offered its specialized products designed for professional use and heavy load. NavixyGPS Tracking Platformcan be either installed on customer’s server hardware or provided as a cloud service. Today more than 300 service providers across the world exploit our solution and we continue its further development to meet the needs of modern world.

GPS Gate

GpsGate Server is a leading web based GPS tracking platform successfully used by transportation companies, police and fire departments, utility companies, service organisations and other businesses with mobile workers around the world. In addition to real time tracking the GpsGate Server platform includes modules for Vehicle Maintenance, Dispatch, ECO Driving, Driver Journal, Alerts and Reporting.


Well designed, developed using the latest programming languages and followed by the highest data security standards the software is already on a daily performance by a many of business globally. Several different packages allow all type of users to select the needed iVMS software. From iGeoTrack to monitor the primarily day-to-day fleet activity to track driver’s trips, stops locations, engine idle, speeding, traffic notifications, and reports. Up to iGeoTrack PRO where large fleet enterprises may generate the data from the car computer of the fuel consumption, oil temperature or even the engine status. The software also supports various sensors required for cargo temperature monitoring, door status, driver authorization, etc.


3dtracking is a telematics software provider for fleet & asset management, vehicle tracking and security, fuel monitoring, remote vehicle diagnostics and resource scheduling (including planning, monitoring and reporting). Through our global partner network, 3dtracking monitors over 100,000 connected devices across 45 countries worldwide. The 3dtracking platform supports the full BCE product line, ranging from entry level track-and-trace through to complex fleet services (including CanBUS). For more information:


EuropeTrack offers complete travel logs in different packages and modules like: driver behaviour journals, fuel consumption and mileage reports with a Dutch tax hallmark. EuropeTrack created an unique platform for their users that is also adjustable for white label purposes. Being one of the biggest providers in the Benelux with multiple resellers and over 20.000 GPS Trackers in Europe, EuropeTrack continues to grow and to develop their platform.


A specialised platform for monitoring commercial fleets in convenient way of cutting costs and increasing effectiveness. The PILOT platform is integrated with various third-party software which allows us to offer the end-user a comprehensive solution with access to the required functions in one window. Today our list of partners includes the majority of hardware manufacturers like BCE, fuel companies for which fuel card integration is carried out, and various accounting and financial system software developers. Our system is integrated with other services which can be used both on transport and in other areas, for example, the Live video monitoring system and ticketing systems.


GTS4B - powerful, flexible and convenient vehicle GPS tracking platform for partners worldwide.
We provide professional technical support 24/7 for our partners.
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GPSWOX is an online GPS tracking software and fleet management system. GPSWOX headquarters is located in London, United Kingdom, with development and support centre in Vilnius, Lithuania. Today GPSWOX solutions are successfully used by personal households and businesses all around the world. GPSWOX software is designed to track: car, van, truck, motorcycle, cargo, boat, bicycle, people, pet and mobile. GPSWOX allows you to optimize your work, save costs, protect personal things and many more.

AFAQY is an end to end developer and integrator of IOT technologies. Partnering with the biggest players in the world of hardware and software to lead the fleet market in “Transportation, Logistics, Constructions (Ready-mix), Security, Roads Beautification and Valuable Assets movement” plus tens of custom-made, tailorable solutions that can serve nearly every single business. AFAQY currently generate 1000 reports/ day, send 80K SMS/ month, record 300K events every single month from 140K installed device.

BCE hardware is easy to integrate to your existing software platform. We provide all necessary tools, including free of cost communication protocol together with example service tool.

GPS hardware accessories

Multiple solutions are available with BCE GPS/Glonass tracking devices, including driver identification, fuel monitoring, temperature, humidity data collection and much more. Choose suitable accessories for your project.


As we supply GPS tracking devices to more than 50 countries worldwide, we have developed tools and procedures for the quick start. Contact us and our professional team will provide information and step by step guidance.​

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