Fleet management system- for light vehicles

  • 30% fuel economy;
  • 90% accountancy automatization;
  • 50% reduced fraud situations;
  • 20% more effective eco-driving.

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Система управления автопарком — для легкового коммерческого автотранспорта

Monitor for your light vehicles in computer, tablet, smartphone

Ask for fleet management demo before choosing GPS equipment and service provider. We are ready to make presentation of BCE software in your office.

More thant 400 Lithuanian business companies and organizations monitor their light vehicles in BCE software, because:

  • we offer 3 advanced software packages (for computers, tablets and smartphones) for transport monitoring;
  • fuel fill-up data automatic import from main Lithuanian petrol stations is available;
  • fully automated trip reports help reducing time spent for accountancy;
  • software is adapted to the needs of customers, who have fleets of light vehicles;
  • software upgrades are free of charge for BCE clients; 
  • customers may order additional functionality.

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Automatic import of fuel fill-up data from fuel stations

BCE has a unique functionality - automatic import of fuel fill-up data from more than 10 different fuel stations. Each vehicle should have separate fuel card. Fuel data import allows our customers automatically collect fuel fill-up data and generate automatic trip reports.

Start using BCE software and you will be able:

  • just few clicks and you will get monthly trip report, including routes, filled up fuel and used fuel data;
  • calculate actual fuel consumption between fuel fill-ups (full tank filling-up is required for correct data while using this function); 
  • compare fill-up data from fuel station to vehicle bort computer (CAN-BUS) data and be sure, that fuel has actually reached your vehicle's tank.
Отчет по посещениям объектов

Geozone visiting report

Geozone (territory) visiting report is useful for companies, which have regularly visit specific places. Easily create geozones and get useful report:

  • how many times your vehicles have visited specified territories;
  • how much time was spent in each geozone;
  • which geozones were not visited;
  • how much fuel was used in each territory.

Categorize territories (your clients, suppliers, etc.) and analyze everyday trips, be sure that your assigned tasks will be completed.

Each company may use individual time parameters for this report. Define how much time should be spent in territory to evaluate this case as valid visiting the territory.

Vehicle CAN-BUS data

BCE GPS/Glonass tracking equipment FM Blue+ scans vehicle bort computer messages without any adaptors. Get dashboard data and analyze it wherever you are:

  • odometer (mileage),
  • fuel level in the tank,
  • fuel consumption,
  • engine RPM.

We can scan CAN-BUS data from more than 300 different vehicle models.

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Benefits for company​

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Pricing for light vehicles

As BCE manufactures GPS tracking devices and develops software packages, we are ready to provide attractive pricing for our customers. For fleets more than 10 vehicles special pricing is available

1. GPS tracking devices

GPS tracker FM Light for basic tracking

GPS coordinates, routes, speed information; additional equipment connection available.

119 €

GPS tracker FM Blue + CAN-BUS data for advanced tracking

GPS coordinates, routes, speed information; additional equipment connection available. On-board computer data on-line.

149 €

Mounting service

+29 € mounting price for FM Light and FM Blue.

29 €

3. Software licence fees

Software fees per vehicle

3 software packages for vehicle monitoring in your computer, tablet, smartphone

6 € /month

SIM card pricing

Ask BCE for pricing or contact your mobile operator. Price depend on roaming conditions: monitoring in home country; monitoring in home country + EU countries + other countries.

Individual pricing

2. Additional equipment and services

Back-up battery

750 mAh battery identifies main power cut-offs.

6 €

Contactless bort computer scanner S-CAN

Reads on-board computer data without cutting wires. Suitable for GPS tracking device FM Blue+.

25 €

Driver identification reader

Identifies drivers with separate driver keys.

45 €

Driver identification key

Each driver needs separate key.

5 €
*Prices in Euro including VAT

GPS įrangos nuoma be pradinės investicijos

Siūlome GPS įrangos nuomos variantą. Gaukite pilną paslaugos paketą, įskaitant GPS įrangą, galimybę naudotis įmonės siūlomais programiniais paketais ir SIM kortele su aktyvuotu duomenų perdavimo planu už fiksuotą mėnesinę kainą. Pasinaudoti pasiūlymu galite sumokėję tik GPS įrangos sumontavimo kainą. Dėl platesnės informacijos prašome kreiptis į pardavimų komandą.

BCE - мобильные операторы

Hardware leasing via mobile operator

BCE is partner of Lithuanian mobile operators and we may suggest to buy GPS tracking devices from your mobile operator. Leasing fees are payed directly to your operator. It is convenient way to acquire GPS fleet management system hardware and services without initial investments.

Сервисные центры BCE

Where I can find BCE service centers?

Our mobile service team is ready to visit your place and to install equipment in any place of Lithuania. 

Additionally, BCE has mounting service centers in the main cities and towns of Lithuania. Service centers provide professional services and are ready to complete all required tasks on time.

You will find our service centers in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Panevėžys, Utena, Marijampolė, Alytus, Druskininkai, Mažeikiai, Tauragė.

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BCE GPS tracking products

We sell BCE GPS tracking devices in more than 50 countries of Europe, CIS, Middle East, Africa ir South America. BCE products are manufactured in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified factory in EU, Kaunas, Lithuania.

Main advantages of BCE GPS tracking equipment:

  • each device is fully tested before selling to the customer;
  • equipment meets automotive requirements;
  • temperature range:  -40 - +85;
  • strong electric circuit, standing impulses up to 120 V;
  • GSM jamming and power cut-off detection;
  • optimized data protocol for reduced GPRS data traffic.

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