Share your company cars among employees with BCE CarSharing:
- reservation of selected vehicle via web interface;
- car lock/unlock via phone call;
- carsharing management system with reports and administration tools.

Smart and convenient system to reduce number of company cars.

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    How does it work?

    Registered users can make reservation for selected vehicle on web application. Just choose vehicle, select trip period and get instant notification about successful reservation to your mobile phone. 

    Once the reservation has been accomplished, user can find vehicle in parking place and unlock reserved vehicle via phone call. Keys and documents should be left inside the car.

    The car should be locked via phone call, when the driver comes back to parking place after trip. 

    To start using BCE CarSharing, the vehicle should be equipped with BCE GPS Fleet management and car security system. It allows:

    • lock/unlock vehicle via phone call;
    • monitor а car in real-time;
    • calculate trip mileage and time.


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    Carsharing benefits for company

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