Smart car alarm system CarInPhone

CarInPhone is a smart security system, combining traditional vehicle security system and GPS/GSM technologies, that allows vehicle statuses and location to be monitored via application on a mobile phone. CarInPhone application available on Android and iOS.

Secure, monitor, control your car with CarInPhone!

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CarInPhone application

Having your smartphone equipped with CarInPhone application and specially developed tracking device installed into your vehicle allows end users:

To check their vehicles status:
- Car alarm;
- Car battery;
- Car location;
- Doors status;
- Hood and trunk status.

To use features such as:
- Blink lamps;
- Block Engine;
- Control additional devices in vehicle;
- Event history;
- Travel history;
- Go To Car / Find a car;
- Active service that monitors your car`s status;
- Extra "Active protection".

And much more! Got interested?

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Main CarInPhone benefits

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